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Featured Vase - Karukaya Hashirakake Some Dai

Say what? Following is a simple translation:

  • KARUKAYA – a reed (Themeda triandra var. japonica, a variety of kangaroo grass)

  • HASHIRAKAKE – hanging

  • SOME – dyed

  • DAI – platform

For the sake of brevity, though, let's just call it a hanging vase. Neither moniker does it justice. Without even trying, this little gem adds interest to any ikebana arrangement. It's lightweight and portable, comes in two colors, and includes a water holder.

So, try your hand at hanging ikebana. Mount the vase in an entranceway, favorite alcove or tokonoma. Maybe go simple, as in chabana (tea ceremony ikebana). Gravity and the weight of the materials will be your adversaries. Rise to the challenge.

A few suitable and easy-to-find plants for hanging: honeysuckle, wisteria, clematis, spirea, azalea, camelia....wait a minute! Anything can work with a little imagination and effort.

Take time for ikebana dreaming. It's a lifelong practice, but you'll discover something surprising everyday -- and it's often about yourself!

For these vases and more, please visit the IkebanaDreaming collection on Etsy.

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1 comentário

albert t.
albert t.
14 de jun. de 2020

Thanks Geri

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