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Fun Vases

Updated: May 15, 2020

Ready for freestyle?

You've finally figured out the difference between Soe and Shin. You've honed your mathematical skills, angling stems 75 degrees here and 45 degrees there. You know the difference between Moribana and Nageire. Now it's time to let your hair down and play.

After studying line, space, color and mass, let's put the "I" in ikebana. Freestyle marries your imagination with the natural beauty of the materials.

From time to time, I'll be featuring a few unconventional vases from my IkebanaDreaming collection at Etsy to encourage personal expression. Experimentation is a great path to learning. Don't be afraid to fail.

To jump start your journey, I'll soon be adding photos of sample arrangements using these vases. Stay tuned!

To purchase or see more in the collection, just click here or on any of the images shown.

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