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Ikebana Vases and Display Stands

Check out these newly listed vases and our array of display stands at the IkebanaDreaming collection on Etsy.

This Ohara-style vase is a must if you're practicing moribana using a kenzan. The word moribana means "piled up flowers." In an arrangement, it typically features one or more clusters meant to echo the relationship between water and flora in the natural world. Moribana requires a vase with a broad expanse and organic shapes and blooms. The vase is named after the Ohara School of Ikebana which gave birth to the moribana style.

In traditional suiban (low basin) form, this vase offers a rich, royal-blue interior redolent of a deep, still pond. Spanning a whopping 20", it's perfect for a substantial arrangement regardless of school or style affiliation. Although a hallmark of the Ohara school, moribana has become a standard form studied by ikebana practitioners worldwide. This is a go-to vessel for learning the basics or veering off-piste.

Here is a modern vase, with undulating form and lots of versatility. Like the container above, it offers novices the opportunity to practice basic arrangements while giving the expert a unique platform to showcase any freestyle creation. Subtle black matte finish offers rusticity or elegance according to mood.

The final touch -- don't forget a display stand! Ikebana Dreaming offers a great variety.

Now, for you, here's a blank slate. Do your thing in this large bamboo vase offering openings at the top and center to provide versatility and invite creativity and wonderment.

Keep on ikebana dreaming!

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