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Spring into Ikebana

Sogetsu ikebana, moribana, nageire, kenzan, flower, vase, spring
Crocus on the move. Can spring be far behind?

The sun is shining. The temperature is climbing. The dogged remains of snow finally evaporate. It's spring!

Here in Bend, it will take a little while for branches to bud and daffodils to bloom, but who can wait? Luckily, in ikebana, many spring branches that are bare when first arranged, will wondrously sprout and blossom before your eyes as the weeks go by -- performance art!

A new ikebana session will start at COCC on April 14. If you have not yet signed up, here's the link.

sogetsu ikebana, two kenzans, fennel, anise, Lisianthus, moribana
Ikebana with two kenzans, wild fennel, Lisianthus and pine.

I'll be changing things up a bit in order to accommodate returning students as well as newbies. We'll learn and review the basics, of course, but because ikebana is a journey, not a destination, we'll be looking into new and challenging approaches for every level. For example, returning students will try their hand at using two kenzans or two vases in one arrangement. There'll even be a lesson in moribana using no kenzan at all, one of my favorite exercises, although often difficult.

sogetsu, ikebana, calla lily, equisetum, horsetail, nageire, moribana
Ikebana using two vases.

As always, classes will run four consecutive Sundays from 1-3 p.m. We’ll start on April 14, and end May 5. Class size is limited and there are only a few spaces left, so if you’d like to attend, please sign up here.

sogetsu, ikebana, Lisianthus, raspberry vine, nageire, moribana
A moribana-style arrangement without kenzan using Lisianthus and raspberry vine.

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Mar 18

Lovely arrangements

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